Annandale Elementary School

Annandale's History

The original school was located at Ruby Place and Figueroa Street, and was built in 1900. It had two rooms, and a furnace room. In 1905 the school had eight grades with four grades in each of the two rooms. In 1906 the school had 84 students and two teachers. In 1907 the school was growing and a small bungalow had to be built and another teacher added. Upon graduating they went to South Pasadena High School, as Franklin was not built until 1913.

The name of the Annandale was given to the countryside here by an English couple named Sir Campbell Johnson and his wife in 1883. They chose Annandale because the area reminded the couple of a beloved countryside in Scotland. The land our school is presently located on came from another English couple, Julia  and Jacob Strickland. The street the school faces on is called Poppy Peak, because the entire hillside was covered  by wild flowers and the poppys stood out with their brilliant colors.

The current area around Annandale Elementary was part of the city of Eagle Rock. The community was refered to as "Annandale Village".